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Non Toxic PTFE Tubing Excellent Abrasion Resistance For Chemical Handling

Non Toxic PTFE Tubing Excellent Abrasion Resistance For Chemical Handling
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Surface: Smooth
Size: Id1mm X Od2mm X 100m
Non-Toxic: Yes
Flexibility: Flexible
Produced: Moulded
Color: White
Tensile Strength: High
Hardness: 90shore A
Temperature Range: -200°C To +260°C
Density: 1.15g/cm3
Electrical Insulation: Excellent
Stocks: Yes
Fda Compliant: Yes
Chemical Resistance: Excellent
Elongation: 200%
Working Temperature: -180°C - +260°C
Non-Stick Surface: Yes
Rohs Compliant: Yes
Uv Resistance: Yes
Coefficient Of Friction: 0.05
High Light:

Chemical Handling PTFE Tubing


Non Toxic PTFE Tubing


Abrasion Resistance PTFE Tubing

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: 3A Rubber
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 3A3003
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Packing in rolls and cartons, Pallets
Delivery Time: 7-15days
Payment Terms: Bank T/T, L/C, D/P, Paypal, Western Union, Wechat, Alipay
Supply Ability: 100000m/month
Product Description

Product Description:

Product Overview: PTFE Tubing

PTFE Tubing, also known as PTFE Hose or PTFE Tube, is a high-quality, versatile product used in a variety of industries. With its unique properties and durability, PTFE Tubing is an essential component in many applications.

Key Product Attributes:
  • Hardness: 90 Shore A
  • Size: 1mm ID X 2mm OD X 100m Length
  • Color: White
  • Tensile Strength: High
  • Non-Flammable: Yes
Product Description:

PTFE Tubing is made of polytetrafluoroethylene, a synthetic fluoropolymer that is known for its excellent chemical and heat resistance. It is a highly durable and flexible material, making it ideal for use in various industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, and more.

The 90 Shore A hardness of PTFE Tubing makes it resistant to abrasion and wear, ensuring a longer lifespan and reliability in demanding applications. Its 1mm inner diameter and 2mm outer diameter, along with a length of 100m, provide versatility and compatibility with different systems and equipment.

The white color of PTFE Tubing not only gives it a clean and professional look, but also makes it easy to detect any potential contamination or impurities. It is also non-flammable, providing an added level of safety in high-risk environments.

One of the most significant advantages of PTFE Tubing is its high tensile strength, which allows it to withstand extreme temperatures and pressures. It can handle a wide range of chemicals and fluids, making it suitable for use in harsh and corrosive environments.

Applications of PTFE Tubing:

Due to its unique properties, PTFE Tubing has a wide range of applications, including:

  • Chemical processing and transfer
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic systems
  • Medical and pharmaceutical equipment
  • Food and beverage processing
  • Automotive and aerospace industries
  • Electronics and electrical components

Overall, PTFE Tubing is a reliable and versatile product that offers exceptional performance in various industries. Its high durability, flexibility, and resistance to chemicals and extreme conditions make it an essential component in many applications.



  • Product Name: PTFE Tubing
  • Size: Id1mm X Od2mm X 100m
  • Diameter Range: 0.5mm - 50mm
  • Tensile Strength: High
  • Hardness: 90shore A
  • Non-Flammable: Yes
  • PTFE Tube
  • PTFE Hose
  • PTFE Tube Suppliers

Technical Parameters:

Product Name PTFE Tubing
Quality Industrial Grade
UV Resistance Excellent
Non-Toxic Yes
Diameter Range 0.5mm - 50mm
Produced Moulded
Tensile Strength High
Stocks Yes
Chemical Resistance Excellent
Size ID1mm x OD2mm x 100m
Color White


PTFE Tubing - The Perfect Solution for Industrial Applications

The PTFE Tubing, also known as PTFE Hose, PTFE Tube or PTFE Pipe, is a highly versatile product that has revolutionized the industrial world. It is widely used in various applications due to its unique properties and excellent performance.

At 3A Rubber, we are proud to offer our high-quality PTFE Tubing under the brand name 3A Rubber, with the model number 3A3003. Our PTFE Tubing is produced in China with ISO9001 certification, ensuring superior quality and reliability.

Applications of PTFE Tubing

PTFE Tubing is widely used in a variety of industries for its excellent chemical resistance, high temperature tolerance, and non-toxic properties. Some of the common applications include:

  • Chemical processing
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Electronics and electrical industry
  • Automotive industry
Key Features of 3A Rubber PTFE Tubing

Our PTFE Tubing is designed to meet the highest industry standards and is known for its exceptional features, including:

  • Hardness of 90shore A for added durability and strength
  • Non-toxic and safe for use in food and medical applications
  • Can withstand high temperatures ranging from -200°C to +260°C
  • Chemically inert and resistant to most corrosive substances
  • Available in a diameter range of 0.5mm to 50mm, catering to various industrial needs
  • Produced using a moulding process for precise dimensions and uniform thickness
Ordering and Delivery

At 3A Rubber, we understand the urgency of industrial needs and strive to provide timely delivery of our products. Our PTFE Tubing can be ordered in a minimum quantity of 1 piece and is packed in rolls and cartons for easy transportation. We also offer the option of pallets for bulk orders.

We accept multiple payment methods, including bank T/T, L/C, D/P, Paypal, Western Union, Wechat, and Alipay, for added convenience.

With a monthly supply ability of 100000m, we can cater to the demands of small and large industries alike.

Specifications of 3A Rubber PTFE Tubing

To give you a better idea of our product, here are some of the specifications of our PTFE Tubing:

  • Size: Id1mm X Od2mm X 100m
  • Material: PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
  • Color: White or customized
  • Temperature range: -200°C to +260°C
  • Chemical resistance: Resistant to most corrosive substances
  • Packaging: Rolls, cartons, and pallets (optional)
  • Delivery time: 7-15 days

Choose 3A Rubber PTFE Tubing for all your industrial needs and experience the difference in quality and performance. Contact us today for more information and to place your order!



PTFE Tubing Customization Services

Brand Name: 3A Rubber

Model Number: 3A3003

Place of Origin: China

Certification: ISO9001

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 piece

Packaging Details: Packing in rolls and cartons, Pallets

Delivery Time: 7-15 days

Payment Terms: Bank T/T, L/C, D/P, Paypal, Western Union, Wechat, Alipay

Supply Ability: 100000m/month

Size: Id1mm X Od2mm X 100m

Abrasion Resistance: Excellent

Hardness: 90shore A

Quality: Industrial Grade

UV Resistance: Excellent

Customization for Your PTFE Tubing Needs

At 3A Rubber, we understand that every project is unique and requires customized solutions. That's why we offer comprehensive customization services for our PTFE tubing. Our high-quality PTFE tubing, also known as PTFE hose, is perfect for a variety of industrial applications.

High Quality Industrial Grade PTFE Tubing

Our PTFE tubing is made with the highest quality materials and meets ISO9001 standards. It is designed to withstand harsh environments and is suitable for industrial use. With excellent abrasion resistance and UV resistance, our PTFE tubing is built to last.

Flexible and Durable PTFE Tubing

Our PTFE tubing is not only strong and durable, but it is also highly flexible. This makes it easy to install and work with, even in tight spaces. It can withstand high temperatures and has a 90shore A hardness, ensuring its longevity and reliability.

Get Your Customized PTFE Tubing Today

Don't settle for off-the-shelf PTFE tubing that may not meet your specific needs. Trust 3A Rubber to provide you with customized PTFE tubing that is tailored to your unique requirements. Contact us now to get started on your customized PTFE tubing order.


Packing and Shipping:

PTFE Tubing
Packaging and Shipping:
PTFE tubing is typically packaged and shipped in a few different ways, depending on the size and quantity of the tubing being ordered. 1. Individual Packaging: Small quantities of PTFE tubing (usually less than 100 feet) are often packaged individually in clear plastic bags or small cardboard boxes. This helps to protect the tubing from damage during shipping and also makes it easier for customers to handle and store the tubing. 2. Spooled Packaging: For larger quantities of PTFE tubing, it is often spooled onto a plastic or cardboard spool. This allows for easier handling and storage, as well as protection during shipping. The spools are typically labeled with the size and length of the tubing for easy identification. 3. Bulk Packaging: In some cases, PTFE tubing may be ordered in bulk quantities (usually over 500 feet). In these cases, the tubing is typically packaged in larger boxes or on larger spools. This helps to keep the tubing organized and protected during shipping. Shipping Methods: PTFE tubing can be shipped via a variety of methods, depending on the customer's preference and urgency of delivery. 1. Standard Shipping: The most common method of shipping for PTFE tubing is via standard ground shipping. This is a cost-effective option for customers who are not in a rush to receive their order. 2. Expedited Shipping: For customers who need their PTFE tubing quickly, expedited shipping options such as overnight or 2-day delivery are available. However, these methods may incur additional fees. 3. International Shipping: PTFE tubing can be shipped internationally, but customers should be aware of any potential customs fees or import taxes that may be incurred. Overall, we take great care in packaging and shipping our PTFE tubing to ensure it arrives at its destination safely and in good condition.


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