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Rubber Industrial Seal FKM / FPM / NBR Custom Pressure Metal Housing Gasket

Rubber Industrial Seal FKM / FPM / NBR Custom Pressure Metal Housing Gasket
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Features: High Temperature Resistance, High Pressure Resistance, Durable
Delivery: Within 7 Days
Material: Rubber
Working Pressure: -0.1 To 36.8 MPa
Sample: Allowed
Size: Oem 11883936 Dust Seal
Application: Industrial
Temperature: -60 - +260℃
Package: Paper Roll/Carton Box
Hs Code: 4016931000
Mounting: External
Port: Tianjin
Temperature Range: Up To 500°F
Item: Customed Rubber Seal
Design: Spring-Loaded
Elongation At Break: 278.7%
High Light:

Metal Housing Gasket Rubber Industrial Seal


NBR Rubber Industrial Seal


Custom Pressure Rubber Industrial Seal

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: 3A Rubber
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: 3A3014
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Packing in bags and cartons
Delivery Time: 7-15days
Payment Terms: Bank T/T, L/C, D/P, Paypal, Western Union, Wechat, Alipay
Supply Ability: 100000pieces/day
Product Description

Product Description:

The double lip design of our Industrial Seal ensures maximum sealing efficiency, preventing any dangerous leaks or spills from occurring. This feature also helps to maintain low maintenance requirements, making it an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for any industry.

Our Industrial Seal offers exceptional flexibility, making it suitable for use in a variety of working conditions. Whether you need to operate in high or low temperatures, our Industrial Seal will remain effective, providing optimal sealing performance throughout its lifespan.

Our Industrial Seal is an NBR oil seal, which means it is specially designed for use in environments where oil is present. It prevents oil from leaking out of the machinery and stops contaminants from getting in. This feature makes it an ideal solution for use in engines, transmissions, and hydraulic systems.

Another advantage of our Industrial Seal is that it can be used in conjunction with other sealing products, such as PTFE gaskets or rubber o-rings, to create a completely leak-proof system. This flexibility makes it an excellent choice for engineers and technicians who need to create custom sealing systems to fit specific requirements.

Overall, our Industrial Seal is an exceptional product that offers superior sealing performance, low maintenance requirements, and exceptional flexibility. Its customizable size, double lip design, and compatibility with other sealing products make it a top choice for any industrial application.



  • Product Name: Industrial Seal
  • Sample: Allowed
  • Color: Black
  • Material: FKM/FPM/NBR
  • Working Pressure: -0.1 To 36.8 MPa
  • Tear Resistance: Good
  • Compatible with silicone gasket
  • Compatible with EPDM gasket
  • Compatible with PTFE gasket

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Value
Working Pressure -0.1 to 36.8 MPa
Delivery Within 7 Days
Color Black, Brown
Sample Allowed
Application Industrial
Size Customizable
Lip Double Lip
Material Rubber (NBR oil seal, viton seal, NBR seal)
Tear Resistance Good
Friction Factor 0.04


Our Industrial Seal is ideal for use in a wide range of scenarios. It is commonly used in machinery, automotive, and construction industries for sealing applications. The EPDM seal is designed to seal against water, steam, and other chemicals, while the viton oil seal is effective against oils, fuels, and solvents. The UN oil seal is designed for use in heavy-duty applications like mining and construction machinery.

Our Industrial Seal has ISO9001 certification, ensuring that it meets high-quality standards. The minimum order quantity is 10 pieces, and the price is USD1.00 per piece. The product is packed in bags and cartons and can be delivered within 7-15 days. We accept payment via Bank T/T, L/C, D/P, Paypal, Western Union, Wechat, and Alipay. Our supply ability is 100000 pieces per day, and we allow samples for testing purposes.

Our Industrial Seal is made in China, and it is a product of 3A Rubber, a trusted brand in the rubber industry. The product is versatile and can be used in various applications, making it a cost-effective solution for sealing needs. The carbon fiber ring adds an extra layer of strength and durability to the product.



Customize your industrial seal with our product customization services. Our rubber oil seal is manufactured by 3A Rubber, with model number 3A3014, and is made in China. It is certified with ISO9001 and has a minimum order quantity of 10 pieces at a price of USD1.00/piece. Packaging details include packing in bags and cartons, with a delivery time of 7-15 days. Payment terms accepted include Bank T/T, L/C, D/P, Paypal, Western Union, Wechat, and Alipay. Our supply ability is 100000 pieces per day. Our industrial seal is flexible with a housing metal of stainless steel. We offer delivery within 7 days and customization options for color, including FKM, FPM, and VI. This product is suitable for industrial applications and can be customized with a Viton oil seal or silicone gasket.


Support and Services:

Our industrial seal product technical support team is available to provide guidance and assistance with product selection, installation, and troubleshooting. We also offer a range of services including product training, maintenance recommendations, and customized solutions to meet unique customer needs. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that our industrial seal products perform to the highest standards and meet the specific requirements of each application.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging:

The industrial seal product will be packaged securely in a sturdy cardboard box. The product will be wrapped in bubble wrap to prevent any damages during transportation. The box will have clear labeling indicating the product name, quantity, and handling instructions.


The industrial seal product will be shipped via a reliable courier service. The shipping cost will depend on the destination and weight of the package. The estimated delivery time will be provided to the customer upon placing the order. The customer will receive a tracking number to monitor the shipment's progress and ensure timely delivery.



Q1: What is the brand name of the Industrial Seal?

A1: The brand name of the Industrial Seal is 3A Rubber.

Q2: What is the model number of the Industrial Seal?

A2: The model number of the Industrial Seal is 3A3014.

Q3: Where is the Industrial Seal made?

A3: The Industrial Seal is made in China.

Q4: What certifications does the Industrial Seal have?

A4: The Industrial Seal is certified with ISO9001.

Q5: What is the minimum order quantity for the Industrial Seal?

A5: The minimum order quantity for the Industrial Seal is 10 pieces.

Q6: What is the price of the Industrial Seal?

A6: The price of the Industrial Seal is USD1.00/piece.

Q7: How is the Industrial Seal packaged?

A7: The Industrial Seal is packed in bags and cartons.

Q8: What is the delivery time for the Industrial Seal?

A8: The delivery time for the Industrial Seal is 7-15 days.

Q9: What are the payment terms for the Industrial Seal?

A9: The payment terms for the Industrial Seal are Bank T/T, L/C, D/P, Paypal, Western Union, Wechat, Alipay.

Q10: What is the supply ability of the Industrial Seal?

A10: The supply ability of the Industrial Seal is 100000 pieces/day.

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